Sunday, August 31, 2014

T-1 day until the start of a new school year!

A brand new, sparkling school year is nearly upon us!  I have a new teaching assignment this year, and am excited to start with the kids....instead of teaching Grade 4 (Progressive) at River Valley School, I will be co-teaching in a multi-grade (4, 5, 6) Montessori class with my buddy Jyoti Basarke and our fabulous aide Sharon Turnbull.  Together, we're the UE team!  I'm looking forward to learning a lot of new skills, widening my understanding of teaching, learning, and pedagogy, and most of all - working with a great group of kids :)

The classroom is ready, our materials are ready, my home office is set up and ready to go.  Our team has discussed and planned the first day, and most of the first week, but beyond that, the rest will have to wait until we talk with and work with the kids to see where their interests and needs lie.

It's going to be a great year!

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