Friday, September 20, 2013

A week at Museum School

We are back at school tomorrow after spending a week at the Glenbow Museum School, which is part of the Chevron Open Minds Program.  It was amazing!

The class learned an amazing amount about noticing details, making connections, and thinking critically.   They wrote poems inspired by art, then turned those poems into paintings, they wrote creative fiction inspired by artifacts in the Warrior exhibit, they used their knowledge and abilities to guess the purpose and usage of "mystery objects," they went behind the scenes to look at a variety of interesting objects in the museum storerooms (baby shoes, kitana blades, Patty the Dog, iceboxes, carpet beaters - so cool!), and chance to curate their own "mini-museum" as a completion activity on Friday, using artifacts from Alberta's past.  It was an amazing week and we are so thankful that we were able to attend. 

They enjoyed learning about the history of Stephen Avenue, sketching historic buildings from different angles including from the +15 walkway, visiting City Hall (they thought the old City Hall was much prettier than the new one), and visiting the Famous Five Monument in Olympic Plaza

This is an event that will inspire us at school for the entire year, and beyond.  Thanks to Michele and Marnie at the Glenbow and the entire Open Minds/Campus Calgary Team!

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