Sunday, October 28, 2012

Getting Back To It.

I kind of just remembered that I had this blog.  I guess my idea of using this to journal my teaching and learning experiences didn't quite become a priority in the new school year and I need to start changing this immediately!

I just spent an amazing week at Campus Calgary Chevron Open Minds Zoo School with my grade 4 class and my partner teacher, Kathleen Phelan.  It was an absolutely amazing experience, one that will feed my teaching and learning for the next year, and beyond.  It is something that I will definitely be applying for next year!

In just one week, our class "gelled" as friends, had astounding growth in reflective thinking, reasoning, and insight.  They also sketched some pretty fantastic drawings! 

They also got to learn from Zookeepers, see and "pet" a hognose snake, feed a giraffe, look at skeletons of sharks, snakes, and gorillas, and learn how to take care of the people and the world around them.

Truly fantastic.

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